About Me

My name is Patsi and I provide a night nanny service to parents who have just had a new baby or babies and are suffering from sleep deprivation.

My Night Nanny Service

I come into your home overnight, between 9pm and 7am, to care for your baby while you sleep, preferably in the baby’s room. If there are any feeds to be made for the night I will make these up. If baby is breast-fed I will bring baby to mum for a feed and settle baby after. Expressed milk will only be offered once breastfeeding is well established. I encourage good sleeping habits and routine and willingly offer any advice if it is requested.

My Night Nanny Rates.

£ 180.00 per singleton.
£ 200.00 per twins.
Request rate for triplets.

My Night Nanny Area

I cover an area of about 10 miles around Hemel Hempstead which includes Harpenden, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Stevenage, Luton, Watford, Berkhamsted, Tring, Borehamwood area, and the outer North London Suburb's.

Night Nanny Patsi Call 07715 144 073