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Patsi Liddle on 07715144073

Patsi has been a volunteer nanny with Helping Hands at Tamba since April 2013. This year, Patsi has supported 6 families, some for the first time and others following on from previous months and even years of support.

Patsi has helped families with language barriers and religious considerations, as well as specific medical needs, tailoring her support to each family she meets.

She has provided practical support and advice with feeding and weaning, sleeping, behaviour, establishing routines, and getting out of the house. In addition to this she has also provided emotional support for many of the families she has visited. Her help has enabled parents to feel more confident and less anxious about caring for their children.

Patsi always goes above and beyond, providing support to families long after they first experience crisis, and doing all she can to help them.


Night Nanny Patsi Call 07715 144 073