Responsibility, passion and love

I am a professional nanny having trained at the Norland Training College in the early 80’s.
I then travelled the world working as a nanny and maternity nurse with the focus on twins and triplets

Every child is a different type of flower

I believe early bonding between baby and parents is very important and having a good night sleep enables new parents to cope more easily during the day.
Having the support and gentle advice on establishing good sleeping habits and coping with unusual crying moments in this early stage, builds confidence in parenting.

Night Nanny Patsi

Patsi started working as night nanny to me and my twins when they were 4 weeks old. The first night it felt strange letting someone else look after my babies but Patsi has such warmth and experience that I saw very quickly that my twins would be in great hands. She helped me with breastfeeding, establishing a routine and as a first-time mum, with lots of questions and doubts, I found her to be very patient, knowledgeable, understanding and supportive of me too. Patsi stayed with me until they were 4 months old and in the end it was me that needed to be weaned off her, such a support was she! LB July 16

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